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John Locke

John Locke trusted the British people, because he was influinced by Rene Descartes, and John Owen. These two men led Mr. Locke to beleive that each and every person had the ability to reason, therefore being able to govern themselves. Locke, who had not much of a problem with monarchy, wanted the government to be in favor of the people. He had the thought that if the power was given to the people, that the government could still survive.

BiographyJohn Locke was born on August 29th 1620 in Bristol, England. His father was an attorney, and wanted John to become a minister. Instead, John Locke went into a study of medicine, and further on in life, went into politics. In England, there was a powerful monarchy, in which was hated by many. Much of the British population wanted to change the layout of Britain's government. He was influenced by Rene Descartes and John Owen. They told Locke that each and every person had the ability to reason. After being told this, he had written letters about the government, which obviously the king didn't like. Locke was chased out of Britain, and went to Holland for several years. He and many other people had beleived the same. Together they had accomplished their goals until the day he died on October 28th,1704 with his essence left behind.

John Locke

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1632-Born on August 29th in Bristol, England.1642 - English war begins.1652 - Locke is admitted to Oxford1661--Locke's Father dies.1704-Locke dies


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John Locke believed in a monarchy, instead of a democracy, even though that he thought that the people of Britian could govern themselves, and that is exactly what Locke believed, that the people should control the government, not the other way around. Also, Locke thought that the people had the right to rebel against the government, if they abused the rights of the British people. Locke beleived that people had the ability to reason, and that gave himtrust towards the government.

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