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John Lewis

Growing up in a era of segregation. John Lewis was inspired by Dr.Martin Luther King . In those moments he made a decision to become apart of the civil rights movement. Ever since John has remained in social movements and the human rights struggle in the U.S. John had a happy childhood but he needed to work hard to assist his sharecropper parents. But he chafted against the unfairness of segregation. As a student at Fisk University, John Lewis demonstrations at segregated lunch counters in Nashville, Tennessee. During the height of the movement, from 1963 to 1966, Lewis was named Chairman of the SNCC ( Students Nonviolent Coordination Committe), which he helped form.

Growing up, John saw segregation everywhere he looked, it was evident on his long bus ride to the all-black public restrooms and water fountains and the city buses. Even at the libary, John was denined for a libary card. When John attended college he bagn with sit-ins at segregated lunch counters. Day after day Lewis and his other class mates sat quietly at the counters where they were, harassed, spit on, and beaten and finally arrested and held in jail. Also, in 1965 state troopers beat Lewis as he lead 600 civial rights activists across the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery.

John Lewis received numerous awards such as in 1975 he was rewarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolent peace prize.He was awarded by president Obama for the " Medal of Freedom". Also,the Lincoln Medal from the historic Ford Theatre. And the Golden plate award given by the Academy of Excellence. Last but not least, the Preservation Hero award given by the National Trust for historic Preservation.

John Lewis

I have learned from my topic that if you want to be something in life then you have to go through many obstacles because you will not be able to get it that easy. Because John Lewis fought for freedom and his own life. And look at him today he is a sucessful buisness man with his own buisness and still until this day he fight for what he belive in. I also learned that fights is not the only way to handle a situation because John had peaceful protest and he did not fight and he was still able to get his freedom for himself and others. This project information i learned was very helpful because it taught me new things because i did not know about John Lewis but now i do.

Lewis was very helpful to the African American because he was trying to get their rights that they needed. In 1964, John Lewis coordinated SNCC efforts to organize voter registration drives and community action program during the Mississippi Freedom Summer. The following year Lewis helped spearhead one of the most seminal moment of the Civial Rights Movement Hosea Willilams which they intended to march to Selma to Montgomery to demostrate the needs for voting rights in the state. In 1986, John was elected to the house of representives. Today representing Georgia's 5th District he is the most respected members. Since he got into office he has called for health - care reform, measures to fight poverty and improvements in education. In additon Lewis has reached out to younger generation by helping create a series of graphic novels about his work in the Civil Rights Movement. Lastly, John Lewis had dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing liberties and building what he calls " the beloved community", America.

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