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John Lennon

John Winston Lennon was born October 9th, in 1940 in Liverpool.At sixteen, John created the group called the "Quarry Men". At this point, Paul joined the group, then came George, And so the story goes, that the Quarry Men evolved into the Beatles.On December 8th 1980, John was shot by a "lunatic" by whom's name I will not give.

This is my idol John Lennon, for me, he was an admirable person.For his untiring struggle to "make love, not war" as he said.I love his music, the way that conveyed their feelings.I listen to their music since I was 6 years, The Beatles, is the best band in the world.Their discography of 21 albums. My favorite Beatles song its "And I Love Her", and "Stand by me" by John.


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