John Lennon childrens book

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John Lennon childrens book

Beatle not beetleBy Jenny Hall

During October, 1973 Ono and Lennon split up. He went to visit some friends in L.A. Then, in 1975,The Lennons got back together again. They een released a new album,with alot of hits. One of the millions of fans anxious to get the new album was Mark Chapman. He had held a string of poorly paying jobs,and he thought that he heard voices in his head from god. After he read a article in a magazine that said John was a phony, which Mark despised. So he rented a hotel room near the dakota, and brough with him a copy of his new album. First, Lennon signed the album, then drove away in his Limo. When he returned,he shot lennon twice in the back.John died shortly after. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His death was placed in headlines all over the world. Ono was treated as badly as before,and people blamed her for breaking up the Beatles. But John will always llive on in our minds.

The Beatle's breakthrough came during 1963. Compared to Elvis Presley, whose fame came almost overnight, theirs came after many obstacles and setbacks.Love me do was their first single and Lennon had even added a bit of his musical past and added a harmonica solo to the song. It recieved quite a lot of air play by local stations to radios all around the planet. Then when Please Please me came out it was also an increase in the beatles popularity. After a while, a british magazine coined the phrase Beatlemania. John was getting annoyed by the noise the constant squeals created. Wherever the musical group performed this happened. Police would have to hold back fans and prevent them from throwing themselves at the stage. They knew that if they became more isolated, people would try to get to them even more than they already did. Many toy companies made small trinkets to amuse younger fanswith pieces such as bobbleheads,jewlery, and even a boardgame!!!!Many of those toys are worth alot today in good condition. Meanwhile in liverpool, cynthia nearly miscarried their first child!!! His Aunt Mimi forgave John and Cynthia their sudden marriage, inviting the new Mrs. Lennon to live with her while her husband toured wiht the band. Second, and increasing number of music fans showed up at Aunt Mimi's house, where Cynthia told them she was John's Girfriend. She did not reveal her marriage, claiming that her billowy clothing was what artists put on for a day of painting!Lennon found that playing every day had its down side. Increasingly cooped up in buses and hotel rooms as their fame spread, the Beatles saw countryside, towns, and cities only from behind thick windows. They used the time to choreograph thier songs, to write new songs, and to practice new melodies. a driver for the group recalls Lennon in particular:"I remember him telling me that he could get ideas for his songs form reading . . . .He always had books or magazines or newspapers when he was on the coach for hours on his songs. If McCartney and Harrison were talented musicians, and is McCartney was emerging as the group's spokesperson, Lennon always had the last word.McCartney constantly thought up new things to do, on stage and off, but he ran them past Lennon before going and further. If lennon said no, then the idea was dismissed. In news conferences, where McCartney spoke for them more and more for the group, Lennon played the heavy -- he injected sarcasm or plack humor that increased his reputation as the Beatles' tough guy. He aslo was the least satisfied of the group, finding ways afterward to improve even the liveliest performance. To while away idle time, Lennon took turns teasing everyone Eyeing his distinctive hair cut in a dressing-room mirror, he announced to the other three that he had terrible dadruff and that he would soon cut all of his hair off!! He sihned autographs mechanically, often scribblin his name on a program or paper while watching television. Yet behind his tough image, He was thinking about the future. After getting to know Mick Jagger, he told the lead singer of the Rolling Stones that,I want to be fiddling around singing Love me do when I'm 30. Lennon clearly disliked police officers. He believed that while they kept away true fans, since they asked for autographs, that while their children got them, that the people who actually wanted them didn't. Those statements often got McCartney mad, thinking he was ruining not just his own, but also pauls image!!!Meanwhile in Liverpool, John's son,John Charles Julian is born. And despite his hectic scheduale, He visited his wife and child. Sadly, John had a drinking problem. He would stop at bars during the days between tours. He thought since the crowds were so loud with the amps, that they would see them as circus animals doing stupid tricks.

People from sailors to spenders came to hamburg to get cheap entertainment. Most clubs hired bands such as the beatles to play for a couple of hours.The beatles, for playing almost 8 hours of songs at a club called the indra club, only got $50.00 a week. The beatle played with another band from liverpool,Rory and the Hurricanes.They would have lunch in places that served english dishes like fish and chips.The drummer for the Hurricanes was Richard Starkey,A.K.A Ringo Starr.Stuart had also decided to leave the band to live with his girlfriend in hamburg.BUt their dedication led to their undoing.They decided to play for a rival club with another band and the clubs owner got revenge by turning george in to the cops because he was a foreign minor and was illegaly working. All of them were immediatley sent back to england. They played in liverpool clubs once again,ad as soon as george turned 18, they headed straight for hamburg.THeir driving songs,developed in hamburg, caught the eye of a successful record store owner, Brian Epstein. He worked up the courage tto lead them all back to his plush office and offered to be their manager. As their manager, he took it into his own hands to make sure they were on time. He also made sur they changed their outfits into plain black suits. Cynthia was nervous about the clusters of school girls and secretaries. And to clean up johns image with the press, he forced back some of johns nastier poems. While Brian worked hard to get a recording contract, the band shuttled back and forth between hamburg and liverpool. Once,in hamburg,when they got to the airport, stuart's girlfriend told them the tragic news. Stuart had died of a stroke. But in the club the worked for in hamburg gave the large sum of 150 dollars a week. Then,finally, the beatles landed a revcording contract with a small label part of a large company which then gave them a similar pact. But their drummer had left, but Ringo Starr had left the Hurricanes and joined the Beatles. The beatles,as the world would know them,were finally together. John was obviously the leader, describing himself about half a niche higher class than the rest of the band. Their drummer,Ringo, was also the only true city kid out of the band. On august 23rd, 1962,John and cynthia got married,with cynthia being 1 year older than him. And after years of scraping along,the boys were about to get their big break.

John showed that he could still write music when they made "All you Need Is Love." John was a very bad driver, and one story could prove it. He was driving with young Julian and Yoko when he drove his rented vehicle off of the road, suffering from facial cuts and his young child was just shocked. They decided to move into a permanent home, and bought a 300 year old mansion a short while away from london. John then went to the U.S with Ono to visit her own child. The airport security tried to stop him from entering the country, but loyal fans fought with him. And Lennon loved new york, and he believed it was the center of the art world. Lennon tackled issues he felt were critical. But Yoko and lennon felt that in ther small, modest home, they were being spied on and that the phone was bugged. So they moved into the Dakota, a private hotel. That was their permanent home in new york.

John believed that Ono brought out his more artistic, liverpool self. He was a generous donor to charities with a good cause. With Yoko, he met different friends of hers that seemed to be the exact opposit than himself. John was annoyed with the rest of the former band because they openly disliked Ono. A while after, John was arrested for drug possesion. Then, John and Yoko became anti-war activists. They held numerous events to promote world peace. They had their official wedding on a small island called Gibraltar. Soon after, they held what they called a Bed-in for peace. They stayed in bed for 7 days on the behalf of peace. They also staged what they called bag-ins. They remaine inside a large, usually white bag together. Half of the media made fun of his peace movements!!! Then, Lennon got really ticked because the company the beatles owned was sold into A.T.V.

When "heartbreak Hotel,"a song sung by Elvis Presley came out,John Really got into the new music. He desperatley wanted a guitar. He pestered his aunt until she agreed,but he had already ordered a cheap, bad-sounding mail-order guitar. He would endlessly strum the few tunes he knew,barely eating dinner before returning to his instrument. He had earlier played the harmonica and accordian, but to him the guitar was truly different. Then,him and his friends got instruments,dressed in black, and formed a band called the Black Jacks. After one of their gigs, a young boy named Paul McCartney came up to them and praised their music. Then, the young left handed fellow picked up his guitar and wowed the group with tunes they didn't know existed,some american tunes,and even showed them how to tune a guitar.Every once in a while he would head to a cinema to pick up tunes from actors such as James Dean.But to Aunt Mimi,every new tune he learnt, he forgot part of his schooling.He even failed a national test. But he used some old sketches to get into a college of art. But soon after that, John's mother was hit by a car and died shortly after. During the time, one of John's artsy new friends,Stuart Sutcliffe,brought him comfort,supposedly because they were exact oppisites.

When John said" we're more popular than jesus," It caused an outrage in the states. He recieved many threats and curses for that one line said at a radio interview. His manager made him soon apologize, in which he did. And soon after, the beatles stopped touring. They decided to only sing in the safety of a recording studio. And to make things worse, his father showed up at his doorstep, was given a cottage and monthly shipments of money,and he was embarassed when his dad also recorded the horrible pop single," that's my life,"and wanted to marry ba college student!!Lennon also accepted an offer to act in a movie without any of the other members. There, he got his trademark granny glasses. During a party, a powerful drug was put into his drink and he started using it nonstop. Cynthia didn't like him using those drugs,but she didn't stop him. John was at an art exhibit and there he met yoko ono. She was well known in the artist community, so jon had heard of her. Ono appealed to him in many ways, one of which was that she was a sucessful woman in a mans world, an asian person in a western civilization. Then finally they came out with one of their most painful yet successful albums,Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. John had also enjoyed the sitar, an indian instrument. But tragedy struck, and brian epstein had died of an overdose. And John drifted from the beatles even more.And soon John left Cynthia for Yoko.

Then, the beatles were rich. they got fancy cars and big houses, but rarely got to use them while on tour.Some of the band bought cameras, and some bought books and magazines. John used his money to bye his aunt and wife homes with many rooms. John also had stores close to do private shopping!!! John had many trinkets in his house such as sketches from his late friend stuart sutcliffe, many tvs, dozens of guitars, 3 cars, a huge record collection, and many toys for adults. He rarely got to enjoy his mansion. Soon, the Beatles made their first movie, a Hard Day's night. It had an almost nonexistantplot. Even though it was filmed for $500,000, it raked in millions. Lennon also wrote a book called in his own write, which was also popular. Lenno also became friends with bob dylan, a popular singer from minnesota. Then, the beatles met elvis, tried to get him back in the recording studios, but failed.Then, they shot their 2nd movie, this time in color. It had more of a plot, but not much. During the filming, John went through what he called his fat elvis period, were he would eat, drink, and smoke alot. He even believed he had lost his ability to write!!! And they were taking alot longer to record songs. And he also had to write his second book in that period of time. And even though he was one of the most famous people in the world, John was insecure.

John was born during a bombing from Germany in Liverpool,England. His dad was never around so his mother handed him over to his aunt Mimi. He became a teenage rebel during school but was always neat around Aunt Mimi. When Rock 'n' Roll was introduced to England ,John loved it and decided to make music of his own.

The beatles are coming! It was 1964 , and the beatles were a smash hit in the U.S.A.The beatles were four young English singers. The member we will read about was John Lennon, the leader of the musical group. Let's read on to find out more about John Lennon!

Summary: From school das to world tours,John Lennon had tough times.But from being a teenage rebel to a rockstar, he faced those times with fearlessness and bravery. John formed and joined the beatles, and even when he quit,he was still a beatle at heart.



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