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john keats lol

John Keats was born the 31st of October 1795 and he died 23 Febury 1821.He was an english romantic poet. He was one of the main figures of the second generation of Romantic poets.

Keats, who around this time fell in love with a woman named Fanny Brawne, continued to write.

In 1819 Keats contracted tuberculosis.

In the summer of 1818, Keats took a walking tour in Northern England and Scotland. He returned home later that year to care for his brother, Tom, who'd fallen deeply ill with tuberculosis.

The last few months of his life proved particularly painful for the poet.

Keats arrived in Rome in November of 1821 and for a brief time started to feel better. But within a month, he was back in bed, suffering from a high temperature.

Keats lost both of his parents young - his father when he was nine, his mother at fourteen - and his difficult childhood is reflected in most of his poems.


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