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John James Audobon

Early LifeHe was the young countries dominant wildlife artist. He was raised by his Step-mother, in Nates France. He took alively intrest in birds, nature, drawing, and music. In 1803, at the age of 18, he was sent to America to escape the take-over of Napolen's Army. He lived on the family owned estate at Millgrove near Philidelphia. This is the same place he met his wife Lucy Bakewell.

1) Born: April 26, 17852) Died: January 27, 18513) Published "Birds of America": Around 1820 (age of 35)

Important Dates on Audubon

SomeofJohnJame's Birds

Audobon was most famous for his book "Birds of America." This book held over four hundred paintings of birds he had hunted and traveled to find.

3 COOL FACTS!He introduced (after his actions) the first law banning bird-experimenting. He did jail time after going bankrupt.He experimented on catfish hundreds of birds and his own hunting dog.


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