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john ives - answer sheet

John S/Langston Hughes - Famous writer/poet that changed the way that we think of poetryKaylee/Robert Frost - A famous author in the 1920's. Married Eleanor White and also wrote a poem to JFK. One of his most famous poems is "The Road Not Taken".Molly /Pablo Picasso - Pablo Picasso created abstract which impacted even today.Steven/Rockets and Lie Detectors - Rocket was invented by Robert Goddard. The first rocket flew 184 feet. Lie detectors were used to help the police and crime investigation.Kyle/Louie Armstrong - Famous trumpet/cornet musician nad many famous songs such as "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "What a Wonderful World"Mansur/Al Capone - Al Capone made 100 million dollars a year illegallyFrancesca/Dance - Dancing was meant for people to take their mind off of the war.Liz/Traffic lights - Helped transportation work smootherHannah/Henry Ford - Invented the Model T and the assembley line.Caroline/Fashion - New fashions for joy now that the war was overAllie/Besse Smith - Bessie smith impacted today by making famous sogs such as "Back Water Blues" and "Cold in Hand Blues. Lost career of drinking problems.Olivia/Herbert Hoover - Became president but later got blamed for the Great DepressionDavey/Scott Joplin - Scott Joplin impacted today by making very good music and books such as "The entertainer." Very nice presentationChance/Babe Ruth - Made many home runs and broke many records.Cole/Prohibition - Prohibition bothered many people and made violent episodes take place.Lily/Ella Fitzgerald - Ella fitzgerald was a very good singer refferef to as "The First Lady of Song"Jack/Ku Klux Klan - Terrible group of people that discriminate against non-whites.Sig/FBI - The FBI was needed to stop crime and gangsters. Founded by Charles Bonaparte.Cara/Duke Ellington - Was a famous piano player that changed the way America looked at pianists and jazz



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