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John Henry

In John Henry Hammerin' Hero, we learn all about the legend of John Henry. He was an amazingly strong person, who had a heart of gold.Once he was freed from slavery, John Henry was able to go out in the world and prove himself.He did this in many different ways. Read the book to find out just how strong John Henry really is!


born - Largest Baby born - Could Talkborn - Had a Hammerman - Slavery Endedman - Saved a Shipman - Loved Polly Annman - Saved a Cave-inman - Faster than Machinedied - By the Rainroad

John Henry was born as a giant baby who could talk!John Henry save a ship by holding together a broken part during a storm.John Henry was faster than a machine when building the railroad.John Henry fell in love with Polly Ann.


I recommend this book to you if you like traditional literature or historical fiction. The story talks about a strong man who was a slave. I liked how John Henry was strong, but also had a heart of gold.

John Henry: Hammerin' Hero - The Graphic Novel



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Genre: Traditional LiteratureFormat: Graphic Novel


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