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John Hancock


Involvemnt InRevolution

John Hancock had a complicated family life. He was born in Braintree Massachusetts on the 12th of January 1737 to Mary Hawke and John Hancock senior. John Hancock’s father died when he was young and he was adopted by Lynda and Thomas Hancock. John Hancock attended Harvard and graduated at the age of 17. John Hancock grew up in a wealthy family, but in an interesting situation with his parents.

John Hancock was also involved in numerous positions in government. He was first to the Boston Assembly in 1799. Next he was elected to the provincial congress and the continental congress at the same time. Then Hancock was assumed to run for the position of president after Peyton Randolph resigned. This shows the Hancock was extremely active as a politician after American independence had been asserted.

John Hancock was an influential person in America’s independence from Britain. When his ship was taken by the British for running contraband goods he got a large group of people to storm the office and get the ship back. This is often called the first time a man stood up to the British. He was also one of the signers of the declaration of independence. This shows that he was a strong supporter of American independence.


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