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John Hancock

John was born January 23, 1731 in Braintree, Massachusetts to Mary Hawke ' senior John Hancock. John had a very happy childhood with his mother,father, and two siblings. His father died when he was just 7 years old, and his mother was too poor to keep the family together. So he went to live with his aunt and uncle, Lydia and Thomas Hancock. Hancock went to Boston Latin High School and graduated in 1750. He went to Harvard College and graduated there in 1754.

Known for:

1744-Young John moved in with his uncle and aunt.1754-Graduated from Harvard College with bachelor's degree.1764-Thomas (John's uncle), died of poorhealth, and John inherited the business and estate.1765-Elected as Boston selectman and became friends with Samuel Adams.1766-Took active role in the repeal of the Stamp Act and elected to Massachusetts House of Representatives and served until 1772.1770- Boston Massacre, John became well known.1772- Elected to the Massachusetts Court and served until 1774.1773- Selected Treasurer of Harvard a College.1774-Elected as President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and gave a speech known as the Boston Massacre Oration.1775-Member of the second Continental Congress and became the President in May. August 28: Married Dorothy Quincy.1776-First Major General of the Massachusetts Militia. Had first child, Lydia, who died as a infant.1777-First signer of the Declaration of Independence.1778-Had a son who was named John Hancock.1780-1785-Elected first Governor of the State of Massachusetts.1786-Shay's rebellion.1787-John's son died from head injury.1789-Lost first presidential election under the constitution with George Washington and John Adams.1793- October 8: Died at age 56. His funeral was organized by old friend Samuel Adams.

-First person to sign the Declaration of Independence.-In a way, John was the first president of the U.S.A. But not under the Constitution.

Did You Know?

At age 27 he was one of the richest men in Massachusetts.

"There! Now his Majesty can now read my name without glasses. And he can double the reward on my head!" -John Hancock

John Hancock: a Founding Father of America

Early Life

Life Timeline

John and his wife.


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