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John Green

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John Green

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John Green was born to Mike and Sydney Green in August 24, 1977. He graduated Kenyon College in 2000. After college for the next few months he worked in a children’s hospital as a chaplain. He is now a New York bestselling author of many books. His books include, Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherine’s, Paper Towns, Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances, Will Grayson Will Grayson, and The Fault in Our Stars. He mainly writes adult young fiction and gets most of his inspiration from his past like Looking for Alaska from his experiences in college. He is married to Sarah Urist Green and has two kids, Henry and Alice Green. He also has a dog named Willy. Sarah Urist Green worked as the Curator for Contemporary Art before leaving to start in The Art Assignment. His books have been published in more than twelve languages. He currently lives in Indianapolis, India and mostly grew up in Orlando Florida. He also has a brother whom which he shares a YouTube channel together and they called it the VlogBrothers, his brother’s name is Hank Green. In 2007 he also created the Project for Awesome for charity. Something that most people are surprised about when they go to his house is that his work desk is a treadmill. Also if he could have any super power in the world he would like to be able to inhabit other people consciousness. Recently he has been thinking about writing to more novels called The Sequel or This is Not Tom.

I think this book was very riveting and beautifully written. It was also a little heartwarming. I think that the personality of Pudge (Miles) was very odd in a way but still cute. To me it seemed like he always knew how life was and just pretty much knew everything. I think that all the diverse characters made this book also have an interesting aspect. You never really got to understand Alaska as a character and as well with Takumi. You got little snip-ets of everyone but not a full detail autobiography which could let you think about how you would like them to be. I think that the theme of this book is very strong in people our age because we need our friends to get through school. He even said his home was where our friends our and it can be just with the important people in your life and you would be complete. I think that this book if pretty similar to paper towns because it is the same author but its similar to me because he has the main character falling in love with someone and they disappear in the end but the character gets a life lesson. Overall this book was pretty good and most people will probably cry near the middle.

I think that this book was pretty good. I was really hoping for something to happen with Margo and Quentin throughout the book but nothing really happened except there one goodbye kiss. I think that almost everyone can relate to this book because everyone wants us to be something we don't want to be or something we can’t be. Society tries to make us be something or even just your friends and parents, but you should just be yourself. I think that this book can relate to his other books because he has a certain writing style but I think that this plot is something that is very unique with something you don't see often. I think that if you are into a kind of mystery book that this would be an ok choice for you. But overall it was a unique book with lots of character, even though by the end I didn’t get a little bored.

I think that overall this book could be considered for one of my top ten favorite books. I really ended up liking the characters and feeling like I actually somehow got to know them. It also feels like I've been on this wild adventure with them and that I didn't just read it for one day. There was so much that happened in this book that while writing the plot I got so carried away and ended up putting some things aside. I also really thought that when they put the little definitions at the bottom of the page it made it even better, you got to see the characters (Colin) personality better. I think that anyone could relater to this theme that the future is unpredictable, even Colin could. Even if you think that your life goes on the same way your whole life, like Colin, it never really does and sometimes your mind just forgets the different things. I think that the writing style was unique in a sense with it not being in first person. I also think though that the writing style is similar to his other books, since they are all written by him. At the end of the book it made me want to read more and see where the relationship between Colin and Lindsey went. I think this was a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it.

I think that this book was very cute and sad. It could have you laughing at one point and crying at the next. I knew that even before I read the book that I would love it. One specific part I loved about this book was that it was realistic. All of this could happen, maybe with the exception of a real Augustus Waters. I also really liked Hazles personality. Like Gus had said she didn’t have the longing for being known, even before her death. She was very laid back, even though she could die at any moment. Gus and Hazel were also very different. Hazel was informal with Gus while he was the opposite. I think that it made for a cute little ‘conflict between the two ways that they spoke. I think that this book has many themes but one that stood out to me was don’t stop just because the world is trying to bring you down. I think almost anyone could relate to this. I normally would easily be let down by things such as something I heard or someone said, but I realize it’s just one thing that someone who has no power over you said. I think that this book has a similar writing to style to his other books, but that is of course because it is the same author. Overall I think that this book was good and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, or at least watch the movie.

Copyright held by Baker & Taylor.

Copyright held by Baker & Taylor.

Copyright held by Baker & Taylor.

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