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John Green


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John (Michael) Green was born on August 24, 1977 and is currently 37 years old. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but spent most of his life growing up in Orlando, Florida. He began Writing when he was sent to boarding school for his bad grades and behavior during school. John Green's first novel was Looking for Alaska which was a huge hit. So far he has written 5 novels and I can't wait for him to make another one of his amazing stories. His preferred genre to write is realistic fiction along with romance and he likes James Patterson. John Green gets his ideas from talking to teenagers. He says he really likes to connect with them and loves to write with/about teenage characters. One of Jon Green's hobbies is to run a YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers with his brother and only sibling, Hank Green. He tries to upload at least twice a week but sometimes does more or less. Urist Green is his wife and they have two children, Henry and Alice. One of the challenges he had to overcome during his life was getting over his bad behavior and starting to work harder. John Green has recently finished a rather sad yet amazing book, The Fault in Our Stars. The awards he has won include The Michael L. Printz award in 2006, The Edgar Award in 2009, he was nominated twice for the L.A Times Book Prize but sadly did not get it, and lastly, he won the Corine Literature Prize in 2010.

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Will Grayson, Will GraysonI think this book was creatively and perfectly written. At some points I wasn't quite sure what was taking place, but after reading it a few times, I understood. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was written by two authors, John Green and David Levithan. John wrote the odd chapters and David wrote the even chapters which I thought was really cool because it must have been quite a struggle to make the chapters change after writing them to make the story make sense. The odd chapters were from Will Grayson #1's POV with the correct capitals (John Green), and will grayson #2 was the even number chapters (David Levithan). It was really cool how they put it together and it turned out great. I see homosexual people all,of the time so I think that it is OK to find love no matter who you love, whether it is a boy or a girl and the book really highlights this idea. The theme is often used in romance books. Like in "Twilight" even if you are a vampire or a human, if its true love, its true love. Also, in Dystopian novels like "Matched", and "The Hunger Games" all defy the rules for love and family. In "Matched", people are assigned their "Soul Mate" but a girl does what it takes for her to have true love and she should be aloud to have a true love, that is what that book is all about. Also in "The Hunger Games", Katniss has to pretend to love someone just to save her life when she really just wants her true love. I don't think I have EVER read a book quite like this. There was a book, "Flipped" that switched perspectives every chapter which was cool but, it was not written by two different authors and that is a very unique element.

Paper TownsPaper Towns has to be one of my favorite books of all time! It has romance, humor, and mystery-my three favorite genres! I liked how Margo was so free spirited and outgoing in the world, and somehow, she managed to give some of that to Q. I also like how Margo is nice to Q, like how she says a lot of bad stuff about him in good ways. Like when she told him,"You're just a really loud, awkward ninja, but we are both ninjas." She could have told him that he sucked at being sneaky, but she broke it to him easy. When normally she just tells people that they suck at whatever they were doing. This book also really captured how teenagers really feel and think. They like to be rebellious and think about boys or girls and how they feel about them with crushes and everything. I feel like teen books are John Greens specialty because all of his books are about teens and all of his books are amazingly put together. I think that the theme really is true because one day you will be too old to do all of the things you wanted to do. Me, I've already been in almost every country of Europe and I LIVE in JAPAN! I've done more than that in my lifetime also but I'm only 13, I still have time for bungee-jumping and hang gliding and zip lining! I plan to do most of my bucket-list, and go on all of those adventures when I am married to another person that I can do those wants to do them with me and that I love, of course.

Looking for AlaskaLooking For Alaska. Looking For Alaska was absolutely AMAZING. Although I'm NOT surprised that I loved yet another one of John Green's books. What can I say? He really knows how teenage boys react around people, especially girls like Alaska. You know, the pretty, hot, nice, and cool girls? That was totally Alaska. Whenever Miles sees her, he describes how beautiful she is and how perfect everything is about her. Like the night at the soccer field during Spring Break. Alaska was reading a book to Miles while he thought: "I did not hear her words so much as the cadence of her voice." And everything he said just truly showed how much he really loved her, not just for her physical appearance, but everything inside. I think everyone has some kind of deep connection to the theme. Everyone has some kind of labyrinth they are trying to escape, a problem they are trying to solve. My labyrinth that I am trying to escape from is stress. I don't know why, and I don't know how I ended up this way, but everything that I have ever had to do by a certain time gives me enormous amounts of stress. I try to loosen up sometimes but it doesn't really seem to help. But, that is a battle I am willing to fight for a while to get out of my Labyrinth of stress. Miles never really said what his Labyrinth was but I assume he was trying to get over the fact that Alaska can never come back and he won't ever see her smile again or smell her vanilla skin. Nothing in this book is quite like books I've read by other authors. They don't really have the same...feelings in theirs like John Green does. I guess he is one of the few authors that still keeps the deep feelings of being a teen down inside him and he was able to pull them out and into his writing. The only other book that has had some kind of similarities in the writing is other John Green books. I've never EVER read a book with the same theme as this one. But doing things you ate not supposed to be doing at a boarding school I have read about before. Like the book " If I Tell You I Love You I Will Have To Kill You". So overall, John Green is just so... AWESOME I guess. I cannot get over him and I can't WAIT for hopefully more of his books to come out!

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Paper Towns

Looking for Alaska


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