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John Glenn

He grew up as a kid liking airplanes. He and Annie go back when they were toddlers. Ever since John met her they both loved each other ever since. He got marrid to Annie or the girl of his dreams which was Annie Glenn. They got maried on April 6, 1943 and had two children named John Daivd and Carolyn.


John Jr. or "Bud" as everyone called him was born on July 18, 1921. He lived in Cambridge, Ohio and at the age of two he moved to New Concord, Ohio in 1923. John Glenn went to New Concord High School which is now John Glenn High School. After high school, John attended Muskingum University and earned a B.S. Degree in Engineering.

Interesting life experiences


Book: John Glenn Astronaut and Senator by Michael D. ColeWebsite: Biography.comBook: John Glenn A Memoir by John Glenn with Nick Taylor

John GlennBy: Jason Bretz

Family History

John Glenn was the first man astronaunt of the USA to orbit the earth 3 1/2 times in 1962 in Frienship 7. He went up into space a second time in the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1998. He is the oldest man in space at age 77.

Birth Place and Education

Influential person

His dad was an important person in Buds life. He played TAPS with him. And he said that his dad was his hero. He would do anything for Bud and always made him happy. A teacher, Harvard Steal, was a civics teacher and was one of Johns favorite teachers. Also he was good friends with another astronaut named Scott Carpenter.

This is me with Annie and John Glenn.

This is John and Annie.

This is John posing for a picturebefore his first mission.

This is John after his second mission.

This is Johns first mission. His space ship cleared the launch pad in Atlas V.

This is John Glenn entering Friendship 7 on his first mission.

After Glenn's first ground mission, he became an American hero and was given the NASA Distinguished Service Medal from JFK. He was the senator from Ohio from 1974 and retired in 1999. John also ran for President, but he did not get elected. He went in space for the second time on Discovery in 1998. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.



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