John Froelich & The Tractor

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Inventors and Inventions

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John Froelich & The Tractor

John Froelich& The Tractor

The first tractor could only go three miles per hour. The tractor's tank could be filled with 26 gallons of gas.

Towards the middle of 1914, John Deere bought John Froelich's company. Farmers still use tractors in the real world today.




Birth & Death

Born November 24th,1849Died 24,1933

In 1914, John sold his first tractor.

John Froelich was an American inventor, who lived in Waterloo, Iowa. In 1892 John invented a tractor that you could put in reverse and forward.

Eventually people grew tired of harvesting and picking their crops. John invented the tractor so people could harvest their crops in a more efficient,easier way.


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