[2014] maya lopez (7th Grade): John Froelich

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[2014] maya lopez (7th Grade): John Froelich

There wasn't anything that said who owns the patent or when anyone got the patent.

The first working gasoline/petrol powered engine tractor. It was very big but also took out wheat a lot faster. Also had the first forward and revearse gears.

This invention has changed the life of many farmers and consumers. Because more crops are being produced faster and in an unharmful way. For the consumers there is more products to buy and it is a lot cheaper.

-Born: November 24, 1849, Iowa-Died: May 24, 1933, Saint Paul, MN-Attended a school in Galena in Illinois at the colledge of Iowa

John Froelich is an american inventor that lived in Waterloo, Iowa. He founded Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. The gasoline powered tracter is still very useful and helps farmers a lot with crops.

The gasoline powered tractor has been modified many times it has been made smaller and easier to use. Also it has been made larger to get more crops a lot faster. There is different kinds of tools to attach to a tractor for different kinds of crops.

Before he invented the gasoline powered tractor he used a hazardous steam powered tractor then after realizing how hazardous it was he decided to make a new type of tractor.

John Froelich


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