[2015] chloe hill (5P): John Flynn

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[2015] chloe hill (5P): John Flynn

John Flynn

DEATH He died on the 5th of may in 1951 near Uluru when he was 70 years old. This is where he is buried.

WHYIn 1917 Flynn heard news of a stockman named Jimmy Darcy who was injured when he fell from his horse on his country property in Western Australia. It was 500 km to the nearest doctor and 50 km from town. The doctor arrived 3 days after the man died from his injuries. So he decided to do something about it.

SCHOOL He went to university high school and then studied at the theological hall in Melbourne.

EARLY LIFE John Flynn was born on 25 November 1880 in Moliagul in Victoria and his mother(Rosetta) died when he was two years old. John and his brother and sister were raised by thier father(Thomas).John was there 3rd child and there secondson.

Australian inland Mission In 1912 after travelling and meeting people in the outback,Flynn was able to create and lead a program create by the church called the Australian mission . Flynn identified the need for outback hospitals, travelling missionaries and libraries.

Fun factsDid you know that John Flynn is on one side of the Australian 20 dollarnote because of his important work in setting up the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


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