John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy also known as Jack or his intials JFk was born on May, 29, 1917 as the second son to Rose and Joseph Kennedy. When he was three years old, he contracted Scarlet fever. In 1931 he enrolled at Choate high School - an elite boarding school. JFK went on to college and eventually graduated from Harvard with a degree in International Affairs in 1940. He enlisted into the Navy in 1941 and two years later was put in charge of a patoral boat that sank in his command in the same year with Kennedy being severly injured. He was elected into Congress in 1946. He was diagnosed with Addison disease in 1947. He was elected to the Senate in 1952. In 1956 he loses the Vice President nomination. In 1960 he becames the President of the U.S. In 1961 he starts the Peace Corps. In 1962 he ends the Cuban missle crisis when Soviet Premier agrees to pull the missles out. In 1963 he proposed the enactment of civil rights proposal. U.S. and Soviet officials sign the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that banned nuclear bomb testing in space, water, and air. In 1963 he is assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.


1917- Born on May 291940-Graduates from Harvard1946-Elected to the Congress1952- Elected to Senate1960-Elected as President1961-Established Peace Corp.1962-Cuban missle crisis1963-Civil Rights1963-assassinated on November 22 Lee Harvy Oswald

Started the Peace Corp.Proposed civil rights.Prevented a potential nuclear War by stopping Soviet Union nuclear missles from arriving in Cuba.Signed Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which doesn't allow nuclear bomb testing in air, water, and space. This was significant because it prevented further testing of nuclear bombs in the water we drink and the air we breath.

Lasting Impact

Civil Rights may have never happened and the United States may still have segregation. There also is a good chance that a nuclear war would have occured.

Literary Device

Kennedy was like glue for a nation torn apart by race.





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