John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

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President's VisionJohn F. Kennedy’s presidency was one of greatness. His vision for America was to improve civil rights, and to get America back on the road to success and have a prosperous future. The main steps he did to achieve these goals was establishing the Peace Corps., and working towards civil rights. Aside from that, he also handled the foreign issue of the Cuban Missile Crisis. All of his contributions during his presidency were very positive, impactful, and still affect America today. In the beginning of John F. Kennedy’s presidency, he started off strongly in March 1st 1961 by signing an executive order, establishing the Peace Corps. It was later approved by congress in September 22, 1961.The mission of this organization was to improve relations with foreign countries around the world. This included promoting a better understanding of other nationsto America, promoting a better understanding of America to foreign nations, and helping different people meet needs to become trained workers. The Peace Corps. organization is still actively working today. Kennedy was challenged about a year into his presidency with the beginning of what would be known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Before the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States and Soviet Union already had previous issues. This event caused even more tension between the two countries. On October, 1962, an American spy plane noticed nuclear missile sites being built in Cuba by the Soviet Union. Taking action, Kennedy and his advisors decided to place militaryships around Cuba, preventing the Soviets from bringing in more supplies. Soviet leader NikitaKhrushchev and Kennedy came upon two agreements. The first one was that the Soviets would dismantle the weapon sites if the US didn’t invade Cuba. The other deal was that the United States would agree to remove its nuclear missiles from Turkey. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy gained a lot of respect for how he handled the situation. John F. Kennedy’s involvement in the civil rights movement was also very effective. He believed that civil rights was constitutional and fought to make America equal for everyone of different races. Kennedy helped with voting rights, desegregating schools, starting the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1961, and drafting many civil rights bills for African Americans. All of his efforts helped achieve full legal equality for all people. In conclusion, John F. Kennedy was an ambitious man with a specific idea for what America should become. He wanted it to be free, prosperous, and thrive again. By creating the Peace Corps, and involving himself in the civil rights movement, he helped achieve this goal. Even though he was assassinated, he had helped improve America for future generations

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