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John F. Kennedy

3. JFK was born in Brookline, MA in 1917.3. He attended Dexter Elementry, along with Choate High School before in 1935-1939 he attended Harvard University.3. While JFK was at Harvard, the rest of the Kennedy family moved to London for only a few years. 3. While at Harvard during his 2nd semester of his junior year he worked in London at his father's office. 3. In 1940 He graduated from Harvard with a successful senior thesis about England during World War II.3. In 1941 he enlisted into the U.S Navy. 3. In 1944 JFK's brother Joseph Kennedy passed in a plane explosion over Europe. 3. In 1951 JFK married Jacqueline Bouvier.

2. Achievements

3. Joseph Kennedy Sr. - FatherRose Fitzgerald- MotherJoseph Kennedy Jr. - BrotherEunice Kennedy - Sister Patricia Kennedy - SisterKatheleen Kennedy - SisterRobert Kennedy - BrotherTed Kennedy - BrotherRosemary Kennedy - SisterJean Kennedy - SisterJacqueline Bouvier - WifeCaroline Kennedy - DaughterPatrick Kennedy - SonArrabella Kennedy - DaughterJohn F. Kennedy Jr. - Son.

3. In 1940 JFK's senior thesis was published into a book titled,"Why England Slept?"3. In 1943 JFK was awarded for Acts of Bravery after commanding a sinking ship in the Pacific Ocean. 3. In 1952 he became the U.S. Senator for Massachusetts.3. In 1958 he was reelected to senate by 1 million votes.3. 1960 he announces his campaign for presidency. 3. In 1960 he was elected the 35th president for the U.S.3. In 1961 he proposes the space program.

2. Early Jobs

3. 1939 JFK worked in London at his fathers office.3. 1940 he published a book. 3. 1941-1943 he was in the U.S. Navy. 3. 1945 he was a News Correspondent for the International News Service. 3. 1952-1958 he was the Massachusetts State Senator. 3. 1960-1963 he was the President of the United States.

2.Important Facts

3. JFK was called Jack for most of his life. 3. JFK caught several illnesses in his early life. 3. He had severe back problems during his whole life, so he couldn't play sports. 3. He lived in the shadow of his older brother Joe until his father finally noticed JFK's leadership skills.

John F. Kennedy

2. Early Life ' Education

2. JFK Family

"Were there is no vision, the people perish," JFK.


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