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John Dewey

John Dewey made sure students had a more hands on experience in their education. He pushed for a progressive form of teaching and encouraged teachers to provide more real world expereince to educate students. According to Dewey we learn best by adapting to changes in our environment, for example, learning through current events.To further Deweys progressive ideals, he focused on activites that represent day to day life including math, reading, writing, but also sewing and physical education. Education is a life long learning experience so therefore it must reflect all aspects of life. Dewey belived there needed to be less focus on teaching for a test and more focus on problem solving through trial and error. Problems are made to be wored out and through communication with peers and educators students tend to understand and interpret what they are learning on a personal level. This is where group problem solving methods and projects ideally projected from.

Impacts on Urban Education

The time period John Dewey lived in is marked by increased industrialization, immigration and urbanization. The time period is rightfully named the Progressive Era due to the push for progressive ideals, not only in education but society as well. Poverty rates were high and Making money in the big cities was more important for survival than attending school. This is where you see the increase in women and child labor and the horrible working conditions in factories that the government turned a blind eye to. Dewey lived in a time of change that is why he was so intent on reforming education because as the shifts in society were occuring he felt those strides needed to be taken in education as well.

The contribution of progressive classes to the everyday schedules of students has changed the direction of urban education for the better. With the implementation of classes such as physical education there is a combined focus on the core curriculum and real life application classes. Instead of the lecture style classrooms many students are used to, there is now a larger push for participaton rather than playing a passive role in your own education. The curriculum in these core classes are now geared towared students and what important events are going on in society related to them. John Dewey's push for progressive ideals made all of this beneficial change possible in urban school systems.

Impact on Current Education

Nowadays teachers are encouraged to take a more active role in teaching rather than letting a textbook guide them. This is even seen in higher levels of education through the usage of internships as classroom credit. Interships are the direct application of knowledge from education to the real world.With the increase in technology communication is being stressed even more in schools through the use of group settings and dicussion rather than lecture. All of these implications are a direct results of John Dewey's ideologies.

John Dewey's Importance to the Educational System

John Dewey did so much for our educational system and his writings and philosophies are still currently seen in so many different aspects of not only our academic lives but socially and culturally as well. Students are now more active players in their education and we believe that has made our knowledge expand in ways that we would have never achieved without Dewey pushing progressive ideals into our modern day classrooms. We also agree that education is all about communication and the greatest success is achieved when students are able to use critical thinking and problem soliving in discussion groups or debate-like situations. Real life experience is the only way to accurately use the knowledge gained in the classroom and further enhance the skills that you were taught. John Dewey is a legendary figure in educational history and deserves to be highly regarded as an importance in progresive education.

By: Amanda Rich, Megan Grossknof and Marlee Slaughter

Timeframe in History1880's-1930's

Dewey:America's philosopher of democracy and his importance to education

Influences on Teaching and Learning

Multicultural Education-All students are given the same opprotunites -Curriculum is focused on what is important to students and is relevent to all different cultures and ethnicites -Students are exposed to occupations and real life situations of various social classes

John Deweyphilosopher, social reformer and educator


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