[2016] Carissa Brown: John Dewey

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[2016] Carissa Brown: John Dewey

John Dewey

Continuity + Integration

"Education is a socail process. Education is growth.Education is not a preparation for life;education is life itself."...this means that students must interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn..."HANDS-ON" Approach

John Dewey believed:Traditional Education was too strict&Progressive Educaiton too spontaneousThus, teachers should use Progressive Education

For his time, John Dewey's ideas for education were new and very contradictional...The idea that the class room should be child centered, focusing on the interests of the students, rather than the ideas of the teacher, was completely unheard of. He believed that students should construct their own educational path, to the point where they could roam freely from class to class depending on their subject of interest. Teachers were just there as a guide...

The Modern Father of Experiential Education


Teaching based on EXPERIENCES

(a view of education that emphasizes the need to learn by doing)

I agree that as an educator we should base our teaching on what is relatable to our students.Thus, as a math teacher, I would like to teach mathamatics with a more "hands-on" approach. To use circumstances in our society & relate them to math. So that my students will see that math is more than just numbers... It's a way of looking at the world & solving the problems arround us.

Short Bio...youtube: Washington State University Resource: Studey.com


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