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John Dalton

Born: September 6, 1766Died: July 26, 1844John Dalton was born into Quaker family and attended a Quaker school until he was 12.He lived in England and worked most of his life in Manchester as a school teacher at New College, where he also studied meteorology.

Dalton conducted experiments on gases at different temperatures and pressures in relation to evaporation and thermal expansion. His results led to many gas laws and Dalton's Law. He contributed to the study of color blindness. He and his brother were color blind, so Dalton theorized that it was a hereditary condition.

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Meteorology and Other Studies

John Dalton

John Dalton assigned estimated atomic weights to atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus.Dalton's atomic postulates:1. all elements are made of atoms2. all atoms of the same element are identical3. atoms are indivisible4. elements combine in whole number ratios to make compounds5. atoms are combined, separated, and rearranged in a chemical reaction

Atomic Theory

Billiard Ball Atomic Model


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