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John Dalton

Quick FactsDalton was born in Eaglesfield, England. He specialised in biology and was best known for his identification of hereditary red-green color blindness and Dalton's law of Partial Pressures. Later in his career he was the first scientist to explain the behaviour of atoms in terms of measurment of mass.

John Dalton

Dalton; Sept 6, 1766 - July 26th, 1844

In 1803 dalton became more renowned for his law of partial pressures. This law states that; Total pressure is equal to the sum of all of the pressure of the parts. (PressureTotal = Pressure1 + Pressure2 ... Pressuren)

A Red - Green color blind test

Below are images that depict Dalton's atomc theory. During the 1800's dalton concieved a theory that was based on the premise that atoms of different elements could be distinguished by differences in their weights. The theory stated the following:- All matter is composed of atoms- Atoms cannot be made or destoyed- All atoms of the same element are identical.- Different elements have different types of atoms.- Chemicl rections occur when atoms are rearanged- Compounds are formed from elements of the constitutent elements.

As Jon was born into a family of 5, he and his brother had both inherited colour-blindness. It was his curiosity and frustration with his condition that led him to become one of the first scientists to take acidemic interest in the subject.

Although he is mostly known for his scientific research, Dalton was hindered by a few things in his quest for wisdom. The first was his color-blindness, which when overcome, would lead to leading research in the field. The seccond was his situation in which he came, he was born into a very poor family, and this forced an unformal education onto Dalton. From a very young age, he needed to help the family income by working.


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