[2013] Kayla Seay: John Dalton

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[2013] Kayla Seay: John Dalton


-Meteorological Observations and Essays(1793)-Extraodinary Facts Relating to the Vision of Colours(1794)-Constitution of mixed gases(1800)-Elements of English Grammar(1801)-Proportion of the Gases or Elastic Fluids Constituting Atmosphere(1802)-Absorption of Gases by Water and Other Liquids; Law of Partial Pressures(1803)-Absorption of Gases(1803)-System of Chemistry(1807)-New System of Chemical Philosophy(1808)


John Dalton


1766 - Birth Date1778- Started teaching at Quaker's 1781- Moved to Kendal1793- Moved to Manchester1830 - French Command of Sciences 1807- Atomic theory was communicated1844 - Death Date

John Dalton was born in 1766 and lived until 1844. He was born in Cumberland, England. He was one of three children born to a poor weaver, and his mom was involved in the Society of Friends. John recieved most of his education from his father, Dr. Thompson, and also a man by the name of John Fletcher. John Dalton became a public and private teacher of mathematics and chemistry in 1799. In 1800 he became a secretary of society for Manchester. During the process of studying the atom he wrote many books that created many different theories on different aspects of the world. One of those theories was "Daltonism", which is also known as colorblindness. Dalton's search to explain the atom began in 1802 and he created the theory because he needed an explanation on Law of Combination. The Theory was founded when he was doing meteorological studies, which began in 1793. The atomic structure was thought to be a physical structure. He beleived this because of his studying of Physical properties of the atmosphere and the other gases. In 1803 Dalton wrote about his discovery of the weight of the ultimate atom. When discovering the weight he used an arbitrary system do determine the atom structure. After that he created the speculation that chemical combinations take place between two particles of different weights. In Dr. Thompson's third edition of System of Chemistry he voiced Dalton's atomic theory to the public. Throughout Dalton's life he gave many speeches on the Atomic Theory. He remained the Manchester Literary and Philisophical Society president until the day that he passed away. A man by the name Sir Humphry Davy referred to him as a "very course experimeter," who "almost always found the results he required, trusting to his head rather than his hands."


John Dalton Biography


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