John D. Rockefeller

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John D. Rockefeller

Some people thought that he treated other companies unfairly like some examples are he crushed small companies, he used spies at other companies, and he told other companies to join his companie or he will do something against them. In My opinion I think he treated his workers right because he was successful and got a lot of money.


he donated half a million dollars to religions, educational things, and scientific causes. Some people thought he hired spies to spy on another company . they passed a law name sherman Antitrust act. Wich didnt let him do combinations that restrained trade.

He was an assiatante book keeper. he ventured out with a buissness partner working as a commission merchant in hay, meat, grain, and other goods. At his first year of of his company he got 450,000. he got a lot of money and helped.


He donated half a million to school, religions, and education.


John D. Rockefeller

Labor Relations

Innovation ' Indrusty

John D. Rockefeller was a captain of industry because he donated to a lot of good casues and helped shape Americas future.

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