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John d rockefeller





His company

Growing up

John was born in Richford, New York on July 8th,1839. He moved with his family to Cleveland. He took up many businesses and got his first job. At the age 20 he was good at his job and decided to start his own business with a partner. They produced everyday materials. In just one year his small business banked in roughly $450,000.

In 1863, Rockefeller opened his first refinery just outside of Cleveland. He later found the Standard Oil Company. He moved his company to Pennslyvannia and in 1880 his company net worth was $55 million. In 1882 he started another business the Standard Oil Trust, this would serve as a model for all other monopilies

Rockefeller retired from his company at the age 56 in 1895. He decided that he wanted to concentrate on his charities. He gave away $53 million dollars away to various charities. He helped fund Chicago Unviersity and Rockefeller University and Foundation

Rockefeller passed away on May 23, 1937. He was is one of the richest businessmen in history.

Rockefeller was very good with money. He used it well towards his sucess. His dad taught him how to handle money and his mom taught him to be spiritual. He was well liked by his workers and his competition respected him. He worked very hard to accomplish all of his goals.



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