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John Calvin

John Calvin

- John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509. His real name is Jehan Cauvin. - He was raised in a Roman Catholic family. His father was employed by the bishop as an adminisrator in the towns ctheadral.- John Calvin's father wanted him to become a preist.- When Calvin was 14 he went to Paris to study atthe College de Marche in preperation for univeristy study.- Toward the end of 1523 Calvin transferred to the more famous College Mantaigu. When Calvin was in Paris he chaged hisname to the latin formwhitch was Jean Calvin.- During this time Calvin's education was being paied for by a coupleof parishes. By 1527, Calvin had made friends that were reform-minded. - These contacts set the stage for Calvin's enevtfulswitch to the Reformed faith. - Also during this time Calvin's dad wanted him to study law rather than theology. In 1528 John Calvin moved to Orleans to study civil law.- During th years that followed Calvin found himself studying in variousplaces and under various scholars, as he recieved his humanist education.- In 1533 John Calvin had to move to Geneva because people in Pris started to oppose the Roman Catholic Church. In 1538 Calvin was asked to leave because of theological conflict. He was asked to come back a few years later.- John Caivin spent the rest of is life in Geneva. He wrote the rest of his book there. - John Calvin died on May 27, 1564.


1509 - John was born1523 - Went to study at College de Marche1523 - Trasnferred to College Mantaigu1533 - Fled France1538 - Left Geneva1541 - Went back to Geneva1564 - John Calin dies

John Calvin wrote the most famous theological book ever published.It was called Istitutions of the Christian Religion.

Lasting Impact

John Calvin has one lasting impat that I know of and that is that Calvinism is still practiced today.





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