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John Calvin

John Calvin"The Father of Calvinism"

Early LifeJohn Calvin was born in France on July 10, 1509. He was born into a very strict Roman Catholic home. His father wanted him to become a priest, so at the age of 14 he went away to Paris to study. In 1923 he transferred to a more famous college.

A Change of HeartBy 1527, Calvin decided to change his study to law. He transferred to Orleans and began to study civil law. Calvin publilshed his first book in 1532. In 1536, Calvin made the decison to permanently leave the Roman Catholic Church. He then moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Institutes of the Christian ReligionIn 1536, the first edition of Institutes of the Christian Religion was published in Basle. It contained a clear explanatin of Christian beliefs.

1.Total depravity- men are completely and totally sinful.2. Unconditional Election- We are pre-chosen by God.3. Limited Atonment- God only died for a few chosen people.4. Irresistable Grace- You have no choice in being saved.5. Perseverance of the Saints- You can never lose your salvation.

Geneva, SwitzerlandJohn Calvin went to Geneva in 1536. Geneva was fighting for its independence from two corrupt powers. There was a split in the church over what kind of reform to have. Calvin tried to impliment a theocracy on Geneva. He failed and fled to Strasbourg. He stayed there until 1541. In September of 1541, he moved back to Geneva. It took him 14 years before he could fully implement his theocracy.



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