John Calvin Coolidge

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John Calvin Coolidge

-Kept govt out of big business-Cut taxes through Revenue Acts-Signed Immigration Act-Signed Indian Citizenship Act -Supported Kellogg-Briand Pact-Improved strained relations with Latin America -Great depression-Economic collapse-Failed to control Nazism in Germany-International hostilities began

1896-Gold found in Yukon1898-Spanish-American War1904-Panama Canal Zone acquired1908-FBI established1917-World War I1919-Treaty of Versailles1927-Indian Reorganization Act1927-Lindbergh flies trans-Atlantic1929-Great Depression begins1932-Earhart flies across Atlantic

John Calvin Coolidge

President Project: by Stewart Jungers Pd.4

Personal Life:

Previous PolitcalExperience:

Route to Presidency:

Successes and Failures:

Major Events:

The life of Calvin "Cool Cal" Coolidge

Northampton, MA City Councilman, 1899City Solicitor, 1900-01Clerk of Courts, 1904Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1907-08Mayor of Northampton, MA, 1910-11Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1912-15Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts, 1916-18Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-20Vice President, 1921-23

Coolidge was born to John and Victoria Coolidge, storekeepers in Plymouth, Va.He graduated from Amherst College in 1985 to become a lawyer. In 1905 he married Grace Goodhue and had two kids, John and Calvin. He is a Congressionalist Republican.

July 4, 1872-January 5, 1973

“American ideals do not require to be changed so much as they require to be understood and applied.” -Coolidge

August 3, 1923-March 3, 1929

Coolidge was a Republican running from MA. He was govenor then America went through a conservative economic phase and he won by a landslide as VP with Harding. When Harding died in office, Coolidge took over. Despite Harding's corruptness, in 1924 when Coolidge ran for president against R. LaFollete (Rep) and J. Davis (Dem) he won 382 votes to 149 (combined).

To Coolidge: If you could, what would you do differently about the economic situation? How does it feel to be VP to a corrupt president?What do you wish you knew then about Nazi Germany?Do you consider yourself responsible for the World Wars?Do you think it was a good idea to give tax breaks to those already wealthy?

Signing Kellog-Briand Pact1928


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