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John Cabot

The story of John Cabot

Early life I was born in Genoa, Italy in 1450. I had a brother named Piero Caboto. At eleven I moved to Venice were I learned sailing and navigation from other Iltalian seamen and merchants. I went to a Catholic school and I did not learn English there. I lived in Venice for over 25 years where I got married to a woman named Mattea, and I had three kids, Ludovico, Sancto and Sebastiano. My youngest son, Sebastiono was an explorer as well. At one point, I lived in Spain, where I may have learned Spanish. When I was 45, I moved to Bristol, England, where I reallly started some voyages and started sailing my own ships.

VoyagesFor my first voyage, I needed a sponsor, and I asked everyone. Finallly, I visited King Henry Vll. I convinced him by saying, "Your route would make it cheaper for English merchants to trade with China." So King Henry asigned me a date for March 5th, 1497. In March 1497, I sailed on a ship named the "Matthew". Fifty days into the voyage I landed on the east coast of what is now North America. My second voyage, I claimed land in the north for England, mistaking it for Asia. I was upset because it didn't have the riches like I had read about.

LegacyI am the reason most people in North America are speaking English today. I agreed with Christopher Columbus that sailing West was the shorter route to Asia. I started as crewmen on other people's ships, and soon enough I was the leader of my own ships.

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