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John Cabot

1496 to the new world1497 to the coast of Ireland

What I was looking for...

Some stuff I found is the east cost of Canada for England. I also found some thick green forest for boats and houses. I also found plentiful fish to eat. I found Indians. (Native Americans)

I was burn on 1450 in Italy. When I ways 11 I moved to Venice, I lived in a rich city. Were I lived I became a skilled navigator, and learned how to sail. I ways also a merchant. In 1476 I became a citizen of Venice. In 1474 I got married to Matta. I was a father of three sons.. Sadly I died on a voyage in 1499 .

What I found...

Since I am a merchant, I had a lot of motives. One of my motives is silk and spices. Another motive is a cheaper way to China, because the original to long so, it was more expensive. I also wanted gold. My sponsor is King Henry 7 of England.


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