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John Cabot

John Cabot

Backround informationJohn was born in Italy around 1450. He moved to Brazil, England around 1495. He died around 1499 but people don't even know how he died.He had three sons named Sebastian Cabot, Ludovico Cabot, and Sancius Cabot. Sebastian was also an Italian explorer. His wife was named Mattea.

John Cabot was an English explorer and navigator who was sent to explore the "New World" by King Henry VII. England was excited to explore the lands explored by Christopher Columbus. He reached and explored Newfoundland, Canada in 1497. His landing allowed England to claim what is now Canada. When John was on his journey, he experienced bad weather, food shortages, and conflicts with his crew and was forced to return to England. A year later he was granted another exposition. He left in 1498, the crew decided to return home before the weather got bad. They ran into many storms and was never officially heard of again.


John Cabot video about his dicovery


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