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John Cabot

Giovanni Caboto was John Cabot’s birth name. He was an Italian merchant that grew up in Italy. Most think he was born in 1450, but nobody’s 100% sure. His death date, 1498, is also unsure. Even though he was born in Italy, a group of English merchants sponsored him on his first voyage. He explored in 1485-1498, ending with his final expedition which he hasn’t finished because he became lost at sea. Cabot wanted to find Asia and find riches, silk, and spices. In 1482, he married a woman named Mattea. They had three sons, Lewis, Sebastian, and Sanctus. Cabot’s sons most likely ventured with him on his expeditions. In 1485-1490, Cabot traveled to Eastern Mediterranean as a trader to trade with other merchants and shopkeepers. Cabot’s father was a merchant also, and he traveled to trade too. Then, in 1490, Cabot moved his family of five to Valencia. During his final expedition, he brought 300 men and five ships. Everyone has different opinions on what exactly happened to him. Only one of his ships was forced to come back because of rough sea. That ship came back… with no Cabot. Cabot didn’t reach his motive because he didn’t reach Asia and find all the riches, silks, and spices he planned to bring back. But he did explore North America, Newfoundland, and other parts of Canada. He made a good impact because on most voyages he found new land. When he returned from his first voyage, King Henry VII quickly agreed to sponsor him because on his first voyage, he was succesful. King Henry knew that Cabot would help him. He was a very successful sailor, spouse, and father.

The Matthew (John Cabot's Ship)

John Cabot

Cabot and Canoes

Treasure box: portriat, gold, treasure map, cumin.


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