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John Cabot

John Cabot

John Cabot was originally an Italian merchant with the name of Giovanni Caboto (His name was translated into English as John Cabot).This ran in the blood, as his dad was a spice merchant. This influenced Cabot because it gave him curiousity to find a quicker route to Asia. While living in Venice at a young age, Cabot learned sailing and navigation. On the 20th of May, 1497, England hired Cabot to make a journey across the Atlantic to find the Asian Spice Countries, which would later prove to be one of the most important trips in the discovery of North America.

Effects of Discoveries Although Cabot wasn't able to acccomplish his goal of finding a shorter water route to Asia, he did confirm that there was a body of land between Europe and Asia. He gave England a stake in the "New World" and helped England to become the power that they became to be. He also brought his son Sebastian with him and inspired him to be an explorer, and he became a very important explorer of the time.

When?John Cabot lived from 1450-1498. In 1498, his ship did not return to England after his ship and four others wento explore North America for a route to Asia. Some people believe that Cabot and the three other ships that didn't return may have been able to survive in North America for a little while. It is believed that their ship may be one of many found along the coast of Newfoundland.

By Ryder Defibaugh and Andrew Dede

The Age of ExplorationCabot sailed in a time period called the Age of Exploration. This time period was a period where countries strived to explore and gain territory in other areas of the world. This period was greatest influenced by the Renaissance, of which focused on self importance. This influenced countries because they strived to gain economic power, and more territory and resources could provide this. Explorers like Cabot felt the effects of this and wanted to leave a legacy for themself by exploring new routes/areas and receiving credit for the exploration of them.

VoyagesCabot led three voyages for England:First attempt of 1496- Cabot's ship ran out of supplies and was forced to return back.The Matthews's Voyage of 1497- Cabot made it to North America near Newfoundland and traveled north up the coast before returning to England.Dissapearance Voyage of 1498- Cabot led a fleet of five ships to find a route for Asia. The ship that Cabot was on and three others did not return while one returned to England and announced they hadn't found a route to Asia.

Where? Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy. At age 11, his family moved to Venice, and here he learned sailling and navigation. In the 1490s, him and his wife moved to Bristol, England, where he later convinced King Henry VII to allow him the opportunity to go find a faster route to Asia. He landed somewhere along Northern Maine and traveled north past Newfoundland, and at first he mistakened it for Northeast Asia.


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