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John Cabot

John Cabot

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John Cabot was probably born in Genoa around 1450.

John Cabot set sail on his voyage in May 1497. He was Sponsered by King Henry VII. Cabot and his crew reched land on June 24. Before sailing back to England, he sailed around the coast. He claimed the land he found for England. It is believed that Cabot explored present day Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

SuccessesAfter the Norse, John was the first known European Mariner to step foot on North America.Cabot is the reason so people in North America speak English.

5 Fun Facts1. John explored the same place the Vikings visited 500 years before he he did.2. On his first voyage, Cabot sailed on a small boat called the Mathew with his son Sebastian.3. Cabot was born in Italy and moved to England in 1494 or 1495.4. In Italy he was a merchent and became an expert mariner as he traded spices and other valuables5. It was believed that Cabot died on his second voyage, but evidence now suggests he returned to England.

John's Route

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