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John Cabot

I, John Cabot was born in Italy, in around 1450.Around when I was eleven my whole family moved to Venice, Italy. When I got older I learned about navigation, mapmaking and geography when I went to my school. I was also interested in space trade. When I got a little bit older I was super active in business. In around 1476 I married my beautiful wife Mattea and had our lovely three sons Ludovico, Sancto, and Sebastiano. In around 1476, I officially became a Venetian citizen. I began conducting trade in the eastern mediterranean. In 1495, I moved to Bristol,England with my family. Sadly in 1498 it was time for me to go to the heavens and I did at the age of 48. It was such a sad time.

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I believed that the route to Asia would be shorter if we circled around North America. On May 2nd, 1497 I sailed from Bristol, England on a small vessel called The Matthew. On June 24th, 1497 when we were 50 days on our voyage we landed on the coast of North America which I thought was Asia. I had been the first European since the vikings when they went to North America.

The impact that I made to the world was discovering or rediscovering Newfoundland which is off the coast of Canada.


I believed it was very possible the route to Asia can be shortened by sailing around the northern end of body of water once discovered by the vikings and is know the continent called North America. So we decided to travel to Asia and make a british claim.



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