[2015] Aneesh Bhardwaj: John Cabot by: Aneesh Bhardwaj

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[2015] Aneesh Bhardwaj: John Cabot by: Aneesh Bhardwaj

John Cabot

Facts1. He was a navigator2. John Cabot was the first European to reach North America.3. Cabot visited in an Islam festival disguised as a trader.4. When John Cabot reached North America, he thought it was China.5. John Cabot and his crew members, were sailing through the Atlantic Ocean, when they reached Canada.

Exploration/actully discoverJohn Cabot explored parts of Canada. Him and his crew were the first people to explore Canada. He explored Canada for king Henry. He found Canada in 1497, a year after that he died. John Cabot wanted to explore the same land Christiphor Columbus discovered but he decide to explore parts of Canada.

BornJohn Cabot was born in Giovinni Caboto in 1450. Giovinni was located in Italy. He was an explorer and navigator. Sadly, Cabot died in 1499. Cabot died in bad weather at sea.

In 1461, Cabot went to Venice to live there and learn how to sail.

In 1477, John Cabot got married to a lady named Metta.

In 1484 Cabot moved to Bristol England.

In 1496, King Henry gave permission for Cabot to sail North.

John Cabot was born in 1450

John Cabot died in 1499

In 1498, Cabot went to Japan to organise another expedition.

In 1497, Cabot made his first voyage to North America

Paid for tripKing Henry the 7th' paid for John Cabot's trip to Canada. This is the reason why Cabot sailed to Canada with his crew.

Why was the discovery important?John Cabot's discovery was important because he was the first person from England to reach North America and build relation ships.

John Cabot was actually looking for a water route to Asia.


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