John Brown's Raid

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John Brown's Raid

After several years of protesting slavery, John Brown devised a plan to end slavery in the South. He believed that if he could organize and arm all of the slaves in the South, they would revolt and gain their freedom. Brown's first task was to take over the federal weapons arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia which held thousands of muskets and other weapons. On October 16, 1859, Brown gathered a small group of 21 men together, 16 white men and 5 black men, to raid the arsenal. The initial part of the raid was successful in that Brown gained control over the arsenal that night, but he anticipated that many of the local slaves would come help. He thought that once he had control of the weapons, hundreds of slaves would join him. It never happened. Brown was later surrounded by local townspeople and militia. Brown refused to surrender and two days later, he was captured and taken prisoner. On December 2, he and four of his men where hanged for treason. His story became famous throughout the United States and he was known as a martyr for ablolitionists. In less than a year after his death, the Civil war would begin.

John Brown's Raid

John Brown

Quick Facts!

1) Born in Conneticut in 1800. 2) Raised in Ohio by a very Calvinist and antislavery family.3) Growing up, he spent much of his life failing to start many businesses. 4) At age 42, Brown declared bankrupcy and had more than 20 lawsuits filed against him. 5) In 1837 attended an abolition meeting in Cleveland that changed his life. 6) Brown was so moved, he publicly announced his dedication to destroying the institute of slavery.



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