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John Brown

John Brown is well known for his radical approach to ending slavery, making him the first abolitionist. Brown was convinced that it was God's will to end slavery and he was willing to take extreme and unethical measures to do this. His first major act was the murder of five proslavery men in the Pottawattamie Creek area. His main act of terrorism was his raid on the Harpers Ferry armory, the largest collection of weapons in the south. He and 21 other men planned to secure the armory and its weapons and then equip slaves with rifles for a rebellion. They were soon overtook and many followers were killed. John Brown was later hung for his crimes.

John Brown may be portrayed as a courageos martyr dedicated to ending slavery, but in reality, he was a terrorist and a killer.

Brown had the intentions of helping people, but in order to do this, he caused fear, destruction, and the loss of lives. These acts line up perfectly with the definitoin of a terrorist. His acts led to the death of five civilians and soldiers at the armory. His suicide mission to Harpers ferry led to the death of his family, followers, and even himself.

Terrorism- the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes



John Brown:Vicious Terrorist