John Brown: Hero or Terrorist?

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John Brown: Hero or Terrorist?

John Brown was an anti-slavery abolitionist. He had very strong views and wanted to make a change. But instead of trying to peacefully resolve his conflicts with others who did not share his beliefs peacefully, he took a very violent approach to solving his problems. Brown believed in a violent overthrow of slavery, and often raided federal arsenals and murdered pro-slavery settlers out of the blue. He said that he did this because God had wanted him to.

Brown believed that to abolish slavery, extreme violence should be used. He partook in raids of federal arsenals and slave plantations, murdering several people who had a belief in slavery.For these reasons, John Brown should be better known as a terrorist than a hero.

News of Brown's raids in Harpers Ferry spread all over the states. He was convicted for treason and later sentenced to death.Most of Brown's federal raids were performed along with many weapons, some stolen, and an army he had collected.

John Brown: Was he a Hero or a Terrorist?