John Brown- An Anti-Slaver Terrorist

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John Brown- An Anti-Slaver Terrorist

John Brown had a plan to provoke a rebellion of the slaves. He decided to attack the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry in order to get enough weapons to arm the slaves. In 1859, Brown and 21 followers attacked and occupied the arsenal.

John Brown was an abolitionist who wanted to violently overthrow the slavery system. In 1855, Brown assisted in the escape of several slaves. Brown and his sons joined the struggle between pro- and anti- slavery forces in Kansas.

John Brown:An Anti-Slavery Terrorist

John Brown

Attack on Harpers Ferry

Violent Movements

John Brown used violent actions to eradicate slavery and raise awareness. Brown murdered five proslavery settlers living along the Pottawattomie Creek. In early 1858, Brown had recruited a small army of abolitionists who supported his cause.

Soon after Brown occupied Harpers Ferry, they were surrounded by a militia commanded by Robert E. Lee. Ten of Brown's followers were killed, and he was wounded and captured. Brown was later tried and convicted of treason. His execution was on December 2, 1859. He died a hero and martyr to the North, and a terrorist to the South.

Capture and Execution


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