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John Barrymore

~ John Blyth (Barrymore) comes from a line of actors, in fact his father, Maurice; mother, Georgeiana; sister, Ethel; and brother, Lionel, were were actors/actresses aswell.~ As a teenager, John was expeled from Georgetown Prepetory School for being involved in a bothle.~ After being expeled, John got a job as a illustrator for the "New York Evening Journal".~ In 1903, John gave up his career in drawing and moved to the stage. His first preformance was in the play Magda.~ In 1916, John was at last taken seriously by the critics as he stared as the cockney crook in Justice.~ In 1920, Mr. Barrymore was said to be the greatest Shakespearian actor of his generation.~ In 1922, John stared as Sherlock Holmes in the first, original movie.~ In 1929, Barrymore was able to show off his great Shakespearian voice in the Warner Bros. movie, The Show of Shows.~ In the 1930's, John's career was headed in only one direction, downhill.

15/4/1882 - Born1903 - Kicked out of prepetory school leading him to enroll in art school1905 - Gave up his drawing profession1920 - Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1926 - The Sea Beast1928 - Tempest29/5/1942 - Died

John was an exelent Shakespearian speaker.John Barrymore stared in about 60 movies.Barrymore made an easy transition from silent films to talkies unlike most of the other actors/actresses.

John Barrymore showed the world what great acting really was.

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