[2014] Lorna O'Farrell (5/6 Purdue): John and Elizabeth MacArtur

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[2014] Lorna O'Farrell (5/6 Purdue): John and Elizabeth MacArtur

John Macarthurs face and a merino rams face was on the first $2 note in 1966.

Shaping the Nation

John and Elizabeth Macarthur

John and Elizabeth Macarthur had four sons John, Edward, James and William. They also had a baby girl but did not survive the journey to the colony.

John Macarthur was born the 3rd of September, 1767 in Plymouth and died in 1834 in Camden Park. Elizabeth Macarthur was born on the 14th of August, 1766 in Pevon and died in 1850 in Sydney.The Macarthurs were married in 1788 in Devonshire but before they were married John Macarthur joined the army in 1782 at age 15 but was retired the next year when The War Of Inderpendence was over. The Macarthurs traveld on the Second Fleet with convicts on it to go to the colony, but as they were on the ship Elizabeth had a bsheep aby daughter who sadly did not survie the trip and John fell awfully sick and Elizabeth had to look after him. When they arrived there on December 1792, Govenor Phillip was in charge of the colony. John Macarthur brought his first flock of sheep in 1795 but the sheep didnt hav e great wool to use or didnt have great meat to eat. John Macrthur then brought a small flock of Merinio sheep in 1997 and crossbred the normal Australian sheep with the Spanish Merino sheep and got good wool and good meat. Then joghn got into rearing and became the pineer of the sheep industry.

John and Elizabeth

Top:Spanish Merion SheepBottom:Normal Australian Sheep

John Macarthur was part of the Rum Rebelion. John was sent to London but he wanted more land and he got what he wanted and was granted 5000 acres of the best land. Elizabeth Macarthur was left to loook after the land, farm and children.

The Rum Rebelion

The Macarthurs Family

Extra Information


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