[2014] Ruby Jensen (5/6 Purdue): John and Elizabeth Macarthur

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[2014] Ruby Jensen (5/6 Purdue): John and Elizabeth Macarthur

John decided that because Australia's wool wasn't high in quality, he would go to South Africa to bring back Merino Sheep. Merino Sheep have a thick fine fleece. John didnt cross-breed the Merino Sheep, unlike the other farmers in the area. The farm ran really well and by 1803 the Macarthurs had a flock of pure-merino sheep which numbered over 4 000.

Rum Rebellion

1782- John Joined the War of Independance 1788 - John and Elizabeth got married 1789 - They went on the voyage1790- They arrived in Port Jackson 1803 - Their sheep numbered over 4 0001807- They sent their first bale of wool back to England1808 - John got into trouble because of the Rum Rebellion1834 - John died in Camden Park 1850 - Elizabeth died in Sydney

In 1808, John played a role in the Rum Rebellion which got him into trouble. The Rum Rebellion was a place where you would trade rum or alcohol.

John & Elizabeth's life

In 1793, they recieved a land grant of 100 acres near Parramatta from the Governor. they began by improving thier land by cleaning, farming and convict labour. Then they were rewarded another 100 acres. In November 1793, they moved to the farm house which was named 'Elizabeth Farm'. John and Elizabeth worked extremly hard to get their flock of merino sheep. By 1803, their flock numbered over 4 000. In 1807, they sent their first bale of wool back to England. Elizabeth had to run the farm when John went back to England.


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John & Elizabeth Macarthur

Merino Sheep


Shaping a Nation



Elizabeth Farm

John Macarthur: John was born on the 3rd of September, 1767 in Plymouth, Devon, England. He died on the 11th April 1834, in New South Wales. His parents were Alexander and Catherine Macarthur. Elizabeth Veale: Elizabeth was born on the 14th of August 1766, in Devon, England. She died on the 9th of February 1850, in New South Wales. Her parents were Richard and Grace Veale.



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