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John Adams

John Adams

Brief Info

John Adams grew up in Massachusetts and was born on October 30th, 1735. He had two parents, Susanna Boylston, John Adams Sr, two brother, Elihu and Peter Adams, and a cousin, Samuel Adams. When he was fifteen, he went to Harvard University. Since he was so smart, he became very boastful.


John Adams had many notable achievements that he accomplished during his life. His earliest was going to Harvard, a very prestigious college, at the young age of 15. Also, in court, he was able to successfully defend the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre. Furthermore, his name was on the Declaration of Independence. Even after his death, he was able to affect the Constitution with the ideas he found when he was alive. He had many great achievements, some of which had a huge impact on America’s society.

Quotes & Fun Facts

-“Power always thinks...That it is doing god’s service when it is violating all his laws”-He was boastful-Samuel Adams and the Boston Massacre influenced John Adams to become a patriot -He was a unitarist, so he believed that the people should work together for the benefit for everyone.


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