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John Adams

John Adams was born in Braintree,MA in October 3,1735.John had two younger brother named Peter and Elihu.John urged to go to school but he did.John graduated from Harvard in 1755. John Adams got married to Abigail in 1764.John and Abigail had 5 children.In March 1789,John was elected first Vice President of Usa.In 1796,John was elected second President of Usa. In 1802,John Adams began writing a book on his life but John never finshed it.John also wrote letters to each otherand he wrote more than 150 letters.Abigail died on October 28,1818.John Adams died on July 4,1826 the same day as Thomas Jefferson


1735-born in Braintree, Massachuesetts1776 - helped write Declaration of Independance 1779 - wrote Massachusetts Constitution 1783 - signed peace treaty 1789 - elected first vice president1796 - elected second president1826 - died

Do you know some of the accomplishments about John Adams? First John Adams helped write the Declaration of Independence.Second John Adams wrote the Massachusetts Constitution.Third John Adams became Vice President of Usa.Forth John Adams became President of Usa.This is some of John Adams accomplishments.

John Adams help break away from Great Britain

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