John Adams

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John Adams

John Adams(Autobiography)By Kisi Graham

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Important Event____________Served as a vice president and was the and president of the and president of the U.S

InterestingsFacts____________~John Had little care about school.~Skipped school to hunt.

"He means well for his country, He is always honest man, often a wise man, and sometimes and in something, absolutely out of his since."

Facts About John Adams _______________________~Everybody expected him to be a Minister~Spoke out against Townsend act~Attended the first continental congress in philly as a mashachussetts

Signed:~Treaty of Paris~Delcoration of Independence~Alien and Sedition Acts in law

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Biography_______________________John Adams had two younger brothers. Adams cared little about school, Adams loved to hunt. Adams brought gun to school and on his way home he hunted and shot things. Adams loved outside activitys. Adams was also related to Samuel Adams.John graduated from harvad University in class of 24.Once John graduated from college he got his first job as a schoolmaster.


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