John Adams

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Politicians and Presidents

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John Adams

John Adams the underdog in both of the elections that he participated in for president (The White John Adams started his career in the White House as the Vice President to George Washington (The White John Adams ended up beating Thomas Jefferson on the 1796 election by three votes (The White It has always been thought that John Adams declared war against France, but he actually did not (The White The Americans eventually did take down the French through several successful naval battles. Adams did run again in the 1800 election, but it was a tough campaign and still only lost by a few votes. John Adams did not have an easy road to the White House, but he did great things when he got there.

Political Life

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John Adams had to work hard to get his practice to become a profitable company. John Adams only had one client in his first year and it took him three years to win his first case (UVA Miller Center). Adams worked hard and made himself one of the best lawyers in America. John Adams went to Philadelphia as a part of the First Continental Congress (UVA Miller Center). In June 1776, Congress appointed John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence ( John Adams took part in negotiating the Treaty of Paris. ( John Adams worked hard to get his career up and running.

Lasting Impact

John Adams still has a impact on this country through his writing of the Declaration of Independence

Personal Life

John Adams did not have an easy childhood. His life began, born into a farming family in Massachusetts on October 30, 1735 . Their family was poor and his dad was working hard to make a living. He wanted to become a farmer, but his dad made him get an education to learn how to read and write (UVA Miller Center). Adams went on to attend Harvard at the age of fifteen ( He went on to marry Abigail Smith, and they had five children ( John Adams started from the bottom and now he is famous.

John Adams

Presidential Life

Declaration of Independence

Boston Massacre

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