[2014] Colton Anderson: John Adams

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[2014] Colton Anderson: John Adams

John Adams was a respected lawyer who worked on many important cases. Mr. Adams most important was the Boston Massacre Trial. During the trial Mr. Adams was defending the eight soldiers who were being tried for murder. Mr. Adams proved all but two of the soldiers were not guilty. The two soldiers that were convicted were convicted of manslaughter and had to undergo thumb branding. The two soldiers were Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Kilroy.

Early Life

1735 - John Adams is Born1755 - John Adams graduates Harvard 1764 - marries Abigail Adams1797 - John Adams becomes President1826 -John Adams Dies

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts. His father’s name was John Adams and his mother’s name was Susanna Boylston. He was one of three brothers. In his early life, he attended a local school in Braintree; he later got a scholarship to Harvard University. Before he became a lawyer, he married Abigail Adams, his third cousin. They later had eight children together.


John Adams was the second President of the United States, and was elected in 1797. During his term he continued on the same path as President Washington. During this time France began to become a constant threat. When the public believed that the United States should go to war with France, John Adams tried to keep the peace between the two countries, and settled the disagreements diplomatically. This made Adams a very unpopular President, even though he kept the United States out of war and kept a relationship with France.



John Adams Biography

John Adams

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