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John Adams

John Adams had a lot of political involvement in the American Revolution (1735-1826.) John believed that the British government was out of the colonists best interest because of their unfair laws and taxes. John spoke out against the unfair laws (Stamp and Townshend acts.) John was big on equality, in 1770 John helped defend British soldiers that were being tried for murder and only helped them because he wanted them to have a fair trial. John helped many famous political figures and made a huge impact on the US before and after the American Revolution. ( Staff)

John Adams was married his wife Abigail Adams on October 25, 1764. Together John and Abigail had six children; three boys and three girls. John was away from his family a lot because of work. After John Adams presidency John and Abigail moved to their family farm. Both John and Abigail passed away at the farm house; John on July 4, 1826 and Abigail on October 28, 1818. (Frank Fiedel)

John Adams

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735 in Braintree Massachusetts. He studied at Harvard University, and graduated in 1775. Specifically John’s father wanted him to study ministry but John wanted to become a lawyer. In 1778 John earned a masters degree from Harvard and was admitted to the Bar. Most of John Adams’s early life helped his career in politics and being a famous lawyer. (

Political Involvment

1735John Adams was born Mr. Adams was born in Massachusetts on October 30.1764John gets married to Abigail Adams1774John becomes part of the first Continental Congress 1789Mr. Adams becomes the vice-president America now had a president in George Washington. Mr. Adams was his right hand man.1796John Adams becomes America's second president 1800Mr. Adams loses the next election to Thomas Jefferson1826John Adams dies at age 91

Family Life


Early Life and Education


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